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21 hours ago
Tucker Ely commented on Sara Imari Walker's group ASU Origins of Life Spring 2016
"Hey guys! This Friday we invite you come delve into the world of mathematical modeling with Ted Pavlic! 3pm in PSF 652. TITLE: "What Are Computational and Mathematical Models, and Why Bother?" ABSTRACT: Generally speaking, a…"
Alicia Gonzalez commented on Alyssa Adams's blog post The Universe Computes Life
"This post would make a really engaging and powerful poster in a conference. Cartoons always draw people's attention and the text is simple, but rigorous and will make people think about deep concepts related to the origins of life. Being a…"
Greg Vance commented on Harrison's blog post Why humans rule the Earth
"I think this post makes a number of good points that have really been lacking in our class discussions so far.  The adaptability of life, especially life on Earth, is a great way to characterize what is and is not alive.  It has a few…"
Greg Vance commented on Alicia Gonzalez's blog post Challenges in observational science or why eating more cheese won't help you get a PhD
"As an astronomer like Alicia, I found her blog post particularly valuable for explaining some different scientific approaches to a person who may not be aware of them.  In astronomy, experimentalists don’t exist because we just…"
Alicia Gonzalez commented on Greg Vance's blog post The Gray Area of Life
"This article is a great introduction to the philosophy of life! The difficulty of creating a definition for life that satisfies scientists from all disciplines is explained in a rigorous but easy to understand way. This explanation is powerful…"
Brooke Kubby commented on Cole Mathis's blog post Solid, Liquid, Gas…. Life.
"Hey Cole,I really like this idea, but I feel like it has a few problems.  I think one of your questions at the end, "Or are we still stuck with all the problems of defining life?" speaks for me here.  What exactly are the…"
Charles Wen commented on Akshay Vijay's blog post You Know It When You See It
"Really interesting post. It's interesting how there's no consensus on what defines life because we know so little about the conditions required for life, but humans can easily classify the degree of life of other organisms. While…"


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