A Teaching Resource for a Computational Framework of the Value of Information in Origin of Life Questions

Information plays a critical role in complex biological systems. Complex systems like immune systems and

ant colonies co-ordinate heterogeneous components in a decentralized fashion. How do these distributed

decentralized systems function? One key component is how these complex systems efficiently process

information. These complex systems have an architecture for integrating and processing information coming

in from various sources and points to the value of information in the functioning of different complex

biological systems. This paper is a teaching resource that explains the role of information processing in

questions around the origin of life and suggests how computational simulations may yield insights into

questions related to the origin of life.

Resource available from -

1) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/311965461_A_Teaching_Resou...

2) https://www.simiode.org/resources/3206

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