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Comment by Andreas Losch on Tuesday

There has been a small int. workshop, and it is a research project. As for participating, I admire your interest, but well how to "participate" in research? Normally, that's not possible.

Yet actually, you can for the moment become part of the project, because there is a crowdfunding campaign, where you can take part: if you want, donate a very little here (you can choose any amount, not only the reward levels), and I promise you, you will be  mentioned (although normally, that would be at least 20 CHF=USD).

Cheers, Andreas

Comment by Aanchal Mehrotra on Tuesday

Is this some kind of online project?  Or a workshop?  I'm living in India. So,  can I participate?

Comment by Andreas Losch on Tuesday

Sure, what do you wanna know?

Comment by Aanchal Mehrotra on Tuesday

Can you tell me more about this project? 

Comment by Graham E. Lau on March 13, 2018 at 12:57pm

Very cool!

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