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Now, everyone can be part of our truly planetary project!

When you want to take care of our planet and want to commit yourself to our project (, but do not have so much money, that is no problem at all: you can donate from 1 CHF on via the crowdfunding platform.

If that would still be too much, or if you only have Paypal to use, we of course welcome your commitment equally. Now this platform does not allow Paypal, but we know a good and totally reliable guy, who runs ASPAST in Peru (those are 30.000 astrobiology fans),…


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Support a good astrobiological cause, and choose your fun & science educational rewards here!…


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What is LIFE???

Everyone have there own opinion about life. Some believe it was created by some supernatural powers /God. And some believe that it was not created, it was an accidental process that is still in existence. 

Does all this really makes sense?  We don't have proof, that how life begin on Earth? Did it really begin here or, was seeded on Earth as in the Theory of Panspermia.  Maybe life began here on Earth by the…


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My new project! More on…


Added by Andreas Losch on March 13, 2018 at 10:42am — 5 Comments

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