February 2018 Blog Posts (4)

Yine merhaba

Herkese Merhaba! Yine ben Gözde
Bu sefer grubuma katılmanız için bir blog yazıyorum
Türkiye Astrobiyoloji Grubu na lütfen katılın

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Metabolism or RNA first? Blog 2

There have been many arguments to determine which function of life came first. The ability to use energy or the ability to record and transfer genetic information. To me it seems very contradictory to discern which one of them came first because it appears that life as we know it could not have existed without both simultaneously working.


There is no logical purpose for the efficient use of energy to exist if there was no way to transfer that information onto the next…


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Life as a Carnot Cycle (Blog 2)

For at least the last few meetings we have discussed the idea of LUCA. A name for the evidence that suggests that all life, bacterial, archaeal, and eucaryal, all formed from a common organism. Woese suggests that LUCA, or the root of the universal phylogenetic tree, could not have equivalent metabolically to "modern cells." In his paper, Woese seems to dismiss the idea of a metabolism-first world instead providing evidence for horizontal gene transfer (HGT) in an RNA-first…


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The Most Adaptable Species

When we think of the most adaptable species, what comes to mind? Camels are able to survive without food or water for months, cockroaches are said to have survived the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, and Emperor Penguins are able to make journeys 60+ miles long with their last meal being four months earlier. All of these species are very well suited towards their particular environment, but if one were to put a camel in Antarctica, or an emperor penguin in the Gobi…


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