Welcome to SAGANet!

Welcome! We are delighted to have you on our network! SAGANet.org is a social network for anyone interested in science and exploration. We're not your typical social network. We are a community of scientists and science enthusiasts interested in advancing our knowledge about the cosmos. We have community events like our "Talk to an Astrobiologist" virtual seminar, regular book club meetings, and lots of special interest groups that organize events in their local communities. We also have novel programs like our "SAGANet STEM Mentoring Labs" which connects scientists early in their career with students, teachers and even entire families. We interested science and exploration in any form, but we're particularly focused on astrobiology as it is one of the most interdisciplinary sciences and an exciting area for understanding our place in the universe. We hope you'll join the adventure with us!

Our Mission

To uplift the scientific endeavor by empowering meaningful and authentic public engagement in scientific exploration and to foster a positive culture of public engagement among scientists.

Our Vision

A future where all of humanity can share in the exploration of our place in the cosmos.


SAGANet was founded in 2012 by a group of early career astrobiologists passionate about public engagement in science. We are still an entirely volunteer organization to this day.

Meet Our Team

We are always looking for community feedback, so please send us your comments and ideas to admins@saganet.org

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